Brubaker Inc. and United Electric Supply Help a Radio Network in Haiti

Once again, Brubaker Inc.’s Doug Brubaker has joined with a team of individuals from Lancaster and southeastern PA to work in Haiti to build an FM radio station to broadcast from the Haitian southern peninsula at Petit Goave.  From February 1st through the 10th, the team, under the auspices of World Gospel Mission (WGM), will be erecting a 100 ‘ tower and antenna to broadcast programming and information for Radio Lumiere, the national Christian Radio network of Haiti.

Radio Lumiere, Petit Goave

Doug Brubaker working on an antenna for the new radio station in Petit Goave, Haiti.

Partnering with the team on this trip is United Electric Supply of Lancaster.  A last minute call came in from Haiti regarding Radio Lumiere’s principal station at Cote Plage, just outside of Port-au-Prince, the nation’s capital.  An ‘older-style’ 100 amp Square D breaker was arcing, heating up, and thus needed to be replaced.  With it in operation there was a significant fire hazard.  With it taken off line, there would no longer be the risk of fire, but the radio station would also be offline. 

This type and size of breaker is almost impossible to find in Haiti, so Radio Lumiere put the call out to the WGM work team from PA that would be heading there in a few days.  Doug placed a call to one of Brubaker Inc.’s suppliers, United Electric, and they graciously donated the breaker for the station in Port-au-Prince.  

We at Brubaker Inc. are proud to help teams in Haiti to support the mission of Radio Lumiere, and we are grateful to United Electric Supply for their part in helping keep Radio Lumiere’s primary facility in operation!