Amos Herr Dream Park Reopens

silver 215x300On Sunday October 23rd East Hempfield Township’s Amos Herr Park was the scene of the reopening of their new Dream Park.

Families gathered Sunday the Park east of Landisville to officially open the new Dream Park playground that was largely financed and built by residents of East Hempfield Township. Organizers estimate that over 400 volunteers from more than 20 organizations, including churches, universities, Hempfield High School sports teams and local businesses, contributed labor, tools, and material to the construction effort which reached a crescendo in late September through early October.

We at Brubaker Inc. were privileged to lend manpower and guidance to the effort.

Below is, compliments of WGAL 8 and the Facebook page of the Dream Park, is a video clip of the afternoon’s excitement.  Congratulations to all who participated in this truly community-wide effort!