A 75 year legacy that is still going strong

Our Founder of Brubaker Inc. and his wife celebrate 75th wedding anniversary today

September 28, 1940Today we and the community celebrate a milestone.  Founder I. Wayne and Evelyn Brubaker celebrate 75 years of marriage today.

75 years ago on this day back in 1940 World War II was raging as Nazi Germany was overrunning northern Europe, doing battle with Britain, and attempting to put in place a ‘New Dutch Culture’ in the Netherlands.  In the world of medicine and science, a new measles vaccine was showing promise in its first clinical trials.  Franklin Roosevelt was late in the second term of his presidency at the time.

And one other thing that certainly seems typical and timeless—both of Philadelphia’s major league baseball teams, the A’s and the Phillies, were deeply mired in last place in both the AL and the NL; with the season mercifully ending for both a few days later at the end of the month.

June 2015Wayne and Evie first met at a church function when they were teens.  After a few years of courtship, they were married in the home of Lancaster Mennonite Conference Bishop Abraham Martin, as was the custom of the time.  This was a few years before the tradition of weddings taking place in churches began.  They took their honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls.

Today, 6 weeks short of 97 years old, Wayne and 94 year old Evie still live in the house that they had built in 1953 beside the business that he started in 1945.  All of us in the family and the larger Brubaker Inc. family salute them for their longevity and for their legacy and example of love and commitment.