300 Years of Brubakers in North America

Right here in the home neighborhood!

From August 3rd through the 6th at nearby Millersville University and East Hempfield Township’s Noel Dorwart Park, Brubakers, Brubachers, and their numerous cousins from 23 states, Canada, and The Netherlands will be convening to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of the arrival in 1717 of the first Brubakers in the New World from Switzerland.

Chased because of religious persecution and lured by the prospect of some of the richest farmland in the world, our Brubaker ancestors migrated here in the summer of 1717.  Landing in Philadelphia, they travelled west to what is now East Hempfield Township and obtained warrants for over 1000 acres from William Penn.

The extreme northeast corner of our campus, owned by our late founder Wayne Brubaker and his wife Evelyn is a portion of that original land patent.  Unfortunately, Wayne will have just missed the upcoming 300th Anniversary celebration with his passing in late March.

Brubaker Inc. is a Bronze level supporter for this unique event.

The 4-1/2 day event will feature guest speakers each evening, breakout sessions featuring historians, writers, craftspeople, clergy, retired professors and politicians, performance artists, a local Amish farmer and historian; guided tours, genealogy search opportunities, and artisans and craftspeople showing and selling their handiwork.  There will be a memorial plaque dedication ceremony on Saturday at Noel Dorwart Park to commemorate this 300th anniversary.

The Brubaker Families of America is a PA not-for-profit entity that has been in existence since 1919, dedicated to securing and promoting Brubaker Family history and heritage.  It has had an annual family reunion every year since then except for a four year period during the Second World War.  This 300th anniversary event also doubles as the 95th annual reunion.

Brubaker Inc. is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of this event.

Read more here: https://brubakerfamilies.org/300th-anniversary/

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