What can I put in my garbage disposal?

Image courtesy HandymanTips.org

Not everything, as some people seem to believe. Here are some helpful hints to keep your disposal running properly:

As mentioned previously, be sure to run water while the disposal is in operation. Please note that is should be cold water, and not hot water. Cold water will help to flush debris down the line, including greases and fats, which will congeal in cold water and be more likely to flush through the system. Hot water, on the other hand, will melt/dissolve fats and greases, thereby sending it down the line where it can cool and reattach/accumulate in the line further downstream.

Avoid grinding fibrous foods such as corn husks, celery stalks, artichokes, or asparagus. These and other fibrous foods are more likely to clog a disposal unit.

Most non-fibrous foods, including meat and eggshells, can be processed through a disposal.

Never process non-food items through a disposal! Glass, utensils, bottle caps, aluminum foil, and any other metal, glass, or plastics should never be processed through a garbage disposal. Also, avoid processing shells through a garbage disposal.

To help maintain the cutting lugs of the unit, it is helpful to grind ice or small chicken or turkey bones in it on occasion.


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